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Hakusan Mfg. Co., ltd.(Tokyo)

Hakusan Mfg. Co., ltd.(Tokyo)
The Hakusan Manufacturing Company Limited was founded in 1947 in Tokyo Japan. The Hakusan has three divisions as Telecommunication Division, Machinery Division and Plastic Division. The Telecommunication Division makes the lightning arresters "Hermester". Subscribers protectors as NTT(Nippon Telephone and Telegraph) Specification type No.6 and MT Optic Fiber Connectors etc. The Machinery Division makes the Heat Pressure Welding Machines for wire cable industries. The Plastic Division makes various plastic parts for electric appliance industries.
Hakusan Mfg. Co., ltd. Web site 


Clinton Instrument Company
Since foundation of the company, Cliton is the
leading manufacturers of the Spark Testers in
the electric cable industiries.  Especially
high frequency spark tester model HF seires
are the most reliable and safety spark testers
in the world.
T. Fukase company is an Asian reagion agent
covering Japan, Korea, Vietnum, Philippines,
Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand excludively.
Clinton web site

BETA LaserMike(USA)

BETA LaserMike(USA)
BETA LaserMike was founded as a manufacture of preheater in England. The first measurement equipment was a laser cable diameter gauge.
Since then BETA LaserMike had been developing cable wire industry measurement equipments. 
The product range are included Non-Contract speed length meter,electric cable concentricity meter,Ultrasonic wall thickness gauge as well as laser cable diameter gauges. 
WeBETA LaserMike b site


FMS was founded in 1993, following a buyout from the FAG Kugelfischer company. Since that time, a dedicated team has been establishing its own company history in the web tension and web guiding industry through market-leading developments and successful international expansion. Today, FMS is the company of choice for manufacturers and users of web processing equipment around the globe. Success has been achieved in a wide cross-section of industries, processes, and materials.
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DSE (Denmark)

DSE Former name DANSK (Denmark)

DSE Test Solutions A/S is a ISO 9001-2008 certified Danish company operating in the field of development and supply of customised technical solutions based on a mix of software, hardware and mechanics

We have more than 25 years of experience and cover a wide range of technologies and competencies. We are 100% committed to our work and are proud to say that we are experts in: 

  • Advanced test systems and solutions for production testing
  • Quality control products for wire and cable industries
  • Moisture measurement equipment for biomass products used at straw-fired power stations (CHP)

Microdia (Switzerland)

Microdia (Switzerland  Yverdon
Since its founding in 1979, Microdia has been devoted to anticipating the future,constantly keeping up to date with technological innovations,andnever failing to perceive developing customer requirements.
Microdia is providing fixed center crosshead,Tooling sets and auxiliary parts of extrusion process.
It is very accurate products and well know manufacturer for cable and tube industries in world wide.
Microdia Website

Tape Former(England)

Tape Former(England
Tape Former is an expert manufacturer of the
Tape Forming device based in Midlands,England,UK.
There are many standard tape folding profiles
also available custom tape folding profiles.
Tape Former Web site


Sachsenroeder was founded in 1881 as a parchment paper factory.
It had been developing vulcanised paper technology.
There are two trade name products "SAVUTEC" as a vulcanised paper and "Gesadure" as a underrollers for cable/wire stranding machine support rollers.
"Gesadure" underrollers are adapted almost major cable machine in Europe.
Sachsenroeder Web siteGerman / English)


Marldon is an English company and providing unique products for cable industries.
The products ranges are rolling traverse box,efficient air wipers and talc applicators.  
Marldon Web site

MK Electronics Co., Ltd (Japan)

MK Electronics Co., Ltd (Japan)
Manufacture & Sales of the various cable strippers, sales of the various wire strippers,the general electric’s parts,and the semiconductor’s parts, processings of the plastics,the precision machine’s parts, and the special materials (the goods of forming for plastic, the molybdenum steel etc)
MK Electronics Co., Ltd Web site

Techno Base (Japan)

Techno Base (Japan)
It is desinged efficient air wiper maker located Kawagoe, Japan. 
Air wiper line up for small size wire/cable to midiam size cables.

EB Tech社(Korea)

EB Tech(Korea・大田市
EB Tech was founded as a part of Samsung Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd. EB Tech is an expert of electron
beam Technology. (Radiation Technology)
Since established, EB Tech is providing polimer
modifications and environmental systems world wide.
EB Tech Web Site (English) 

Ishikawa Wire Netting Co., Ltd (Japan)

Ishikawa Wire Netting Co., Ltd  (Japan) 
Founding in 1936, Ishikawa Wire Netting is a leading
company in the metallic mesh and punching metal industiry.
The products are high quality and high presion.
IK Screen is a very popular of the extrusion operation 
・Extruder filtering use IK Screen
・Extruder Screw cleaning use Clean Mesh
Ishikawa Wire Netting Co., Ltd  Web site